Boost Your Endorphins Naturally

Endorphins are chemicals produced by the neurological system to help people cope with pain and stress. They’re known as “feel-good” hormones because they help alleviate pain, reduce emotional stress, and offer a sense of well-being.  In short, they are able to make you feel great.

There are a number of different techniques to boost endorphin production and feel better more regularly. We’ve put up a list of natural ways for you to do so. Feeling good is crucial for your body and mind, so join us on a couple of our adventures and get those endorphins flowing!


By moving your body and raising your heart rate with cardiovascular exercise, you can trigger the release of endorphins in the bloodstream. As soon as the heart starts pumping and sweat glands start sweating, the rush of feel-good chemicals sets in to reduce the brain’s perception of pain. 


Simply relaxing and focusing the mind on meditation triggers the release of endorphins and also helps raise dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin levels. This mixture of substances flooding the bloodstream leaves the meditator feeling calm, happy, and content. One study found that the effects of exercising and meditation on mood are surprisingly similar – both activities produce endorphins and lead to positive feelings.


The health advantages of laughing and smiling are not only fascinating but also exciting to learn about. Laughter has been shown to promote endorphin release and has a variety of health advantages. In fact, even a simple smile can increase the number of endorphins released. Laughing may also increase your energy, lower stress hormones, improve your immune system, and give you an overall sense of well-being.

Perform an act of giving

Although there aren’t many studies on this yet, it’s thought that an act of giving activates pleasure areas in the brain, which can lead to the release of endorphins. Helping others and those in need is a wonderful way to feel good. 

Get some sun

The health benefits of sunlight are numerous. It aids in the production of vitamin D, which is an important nutrient. It also increases serotonin and melatonin levels, which can help you feel better, energized, and get better sleep.

The sun’s UV radiation can also increase endorphin levels. It’s usually enough to go outside a few times a week for approximately 15 minutes at a time to reap the benefits of sun exposure.

Take a hot bath

Taking a long, hot bath can help relax you after a busy or exhausting day. The heat of the water can help reduce tension and pain in your muscles, but it can also trigger the release of endorphins into your bloodstream.

Besides helping you to relax, regular hot baths may also help lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk for heart disease.


Vanilla and lavender are two excellent smells for increasing endorphin production. Vanilla produces endorphins, which relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression in individuals who suffer from it. The same can be said about lavender, which has been shown to alleviate stress, depressive symptoms, and sleeplessness. These smells may be incorporated into your everyday life by using candles, applying essential oils to your wrists, or even adding a few drops to your bath.