10 Signs You Are Really An Excellent Leader

We often believe that in order to be a leader, you must be born with the ability to lead, to be inspired to lead, or hold a position of authority. We consider leadership to be a term that must be acquired or merited. But leaders are rarely if ever, born. If we were to pinpoint a single factor that produces leaders, it would most likely be a mix of circumstance and perseverance.


Photo Source: Pexels.com

There are many leaders among us, in a variety of people, locations, and roles. Some of the most powerful leaders you’ll ever encounter are completely unaware of their own leadership.

You may be one of them if you got the ten signs below :

1. You have an open mind and you listen to other people’s opinions

You are a leader if people are drawn to you because you are open to other people’s perspectives.

2. You offer advice and guidance

If you find yourself giving advice to your colleagues and they are asking you for guidance, your empathy is strong and your perspective is practical for those around you. You are a leader if you frequently assist people around you in overcoming their obstacles.

3. People rely on you

People will trust you if they know they can count on you through your commitments. You are a leader if you keep yourself accountable and display the type of day-to-day responsibilities that make people trust you.

4. You’re a good listener and people trust you

Listening actively to others, and allowing people to speak freely to you without worrying about who you’ll tell or how you’ll use what they tell you against them are both indications of great leadership. You are a leader if you recognize that listening is more essential than speaking, and if others feel comfortable confiding in you.

5. Others follow your example

The most effective kind of leadership isn’t persuasion or debate or force, but setting a good example. Leading by example means you’re leading others through your actions and persuading them to follow your ways. When you lead by example, you pave the way for others to follow, ensuring that everyone is working toward the same goal.

Whether the circumstances are good or terrible, people notice a person who is present, effective and works hard without distractions. When you are that person, others will naturally follow you and you will be a great leader.

6. You insist on excellence

As Aristotle said, we are what we consistently do, and therefore excellence is a habit rather than an act. When you hold yourself and those around you responsible for the quality and you strongly insist on excellence, you inform others that you rather act than speak, demonstrate than say, and deliver than a promise. you are a leader if you don’t search for excuses or place blame on others, but instead, you maintain high standards of excellence and quality.

7. You have a positive attitude

People that are optimistic and positive make those around them happy. An optimistic approach does not blind you to problems or challenges, but it does help you to search for the positive in every situation and feel that everything will be alright. It’s the type of attitude that keeps people engaged and motivated, and it indicates that you’re a leader.

8. You treat others with respect

Knowledge may give you power, and intelligence may give you an advantage, but when you treat others with respect, you will always be treated with respect. People who you encounter hold you in high regard and see you as a leader if you seek for the good in them and appreciate them for who they are.

9. You genuinely care about others

If you spend time helping, guiding, and sharing your expertise with the people around you, encouraging them to achieve success, and if you care about their well-being and do your best to help them reach their own success, you are a leader.

10. You are confident and ambitious

Most people are always observing each other, learning about how to act. Being confident means acting with conviction, being enthusiastic about what you believe, and refusing to let anything stand in your way. If you work consistently toward an objective with vision and confidence, you are a leader.